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NCCS Doctors-Ambassadors’ Challenge

November Update: By the end of the two-weeks period (1st to 14th October), the group had enthusiastically completed a collective total of 850km! Through this effort, more awareness and about $15,000 was raised for Run For Hope 2013.

DMO challenge

October News:

A group of our colleagues from NCCS Division of Medical Oncology (DMO), including DMO doctors, research coordinators, lab technologist and executives, plus Dr Alexandre Chan from NCCS Oncology Pharmacy, and a doctor from National Heart Centre, have all become Ambassadors of (RFH) Run For Hope 2013!


This special effort initiated by DMO doctors involves burning calories, in the hope of getting your support – to run for hope on 17 November, or make a donation to research if running is just not your cup of tea.

Close to 30 staff, had pledged to run a total distance of over 550km (target grew from 250km just two weeks ago) cumulatively within a period of 14 days – 1st to 14th October.

These include Dr Farid, who is currently away on training in New York and is showing his support via this challenge. Dr William Tan, who’s currently in London, is also part of the group. Both of them have each pledged to complete 70km over the two weeks.

Part of the group:


Please help spread the word!

Progress of this challenge is being tracked and captured via screenshots of monitoring tools such as a running app in their phones. As of 11 Oct, the group has clocked in a total of almost 500km! Every km counts.

The group hopes to raise $100 for every 1km the team runs.

combined photo

Corporations and individuals are encouraged to pledge a donation to NCC Research Fund in support of this effort.

Friends, colleagues, supporters and members of public can donate in support of this effort via “RunForHope” section in donation portal.

Simply click on the donate button via www.runforhope.sg to access the donation portal.

We seek your support via a donation for the special Challenge and/or sign up as a group for Run For Hope.

Donate online

This is in fact the second Ambassadors’ Challenge!

The first was held in August. Three ambassadors, including two cancer survivors and a supporter, were challenged to reach out to the busy working professionals at Raffles Place. They were challenged to get 21 sign-ups (in conjunction with celebrating 21 years of running for cancer research) within 1 hour, with neither publicity support nor promotional booth on-site. Taking this with up with much enthusiasm, they got 39 sign-ups within the given time. A donor gave $20,000 to the charity as a reward for this effort.

Please feel free to check out our YouTube videos here: www.youtube.com/user/runforhopeSG


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