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FAQs for Run for Hope 2020 Virtual Run

General Enquiries
When is Run for Hope 2020?

Run for Hope 2020 has been converted into a virtual run that will take place from 4 November 2020, Monday, 0000hrs to 31 December 2020, Thursday, 2359hrs. This means that your distance can be clocked at any date or time within this race period.

What is a virtual run?

A virtual run allows you to participate in the run at any time and place at your own convenience, instead of gathering at one event location at a specific date and time. You are required to clock your distance and duration using a GPS-enabled app and submit your race results via Facebook or Instagram during the race period of 4 November to 31 December 2020.

What are the different Run categories?

There are 3 categories: 25km Run, 10km Run and 3.5km Run/Walk.

What is the Run Route?

As Run for Hope is now a virtual run, there are no specific run routes. You can even take part in the run within your own homes as long as you are able to track your date/time, distance, and duration.

Remember, if you are going out for a walk or run, please be socially responsible and follow the safe distancing guidelines:

a. If you need to exercise (walk, jog, run), do head to a park or PCN within your neighbourhood. If you are heading to the parks, please limit the group to 5 people and observe a safe distance of at least one metre between members of the group, as well as with other park users.
b. Please visit https://safedistparks.nparks.gov.sg/ to check the Park Status or Visitor-ship Status before you visit the parks. To avoid crowds, do choose a timing when there are less people at your chosen venue.

What are the sizes of the Runner’s Tee?

Please refer to the size chart here.

How can I register for the virtual run?

Registrations for our virtual Run For Hope 2020 will remain open for all who want to support this worthy cause until the closing date of 31 December 2020 at 2359 Hours through our website https://www.runforhope.sg/

Runner Queries

Can I do an exchange if the size of my Runner’s Tee is not suitable?

Size selection is made during registration. No exchange can be made once registration is completed.

How do I know if my entry has been accepted?

You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration.

I deleted my Confirmation Slip accidentally. How can I get another copy?

Please retrieve via this URL: https://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/registration/runforhope2020/showconfirmation.cgi

How do I submit my run results?

Please submit your results during the Race Period from 4 November – 31 December 2020

  • Submit via:
    – Instagram Message (@runforhopesg)
    – Facebook Message (https://www.facebook.com/RunForHopeSG/)
  • Include the following details:
    – Screenshot from tracking app which shows the date/time, duration, and distance of the run
    – Full NameRegistration ID (can be retrieved from confirmation slip e.g. e.g. NVDGWPJJZL )

Can I submit walks/runs done before the race period?

Participants can only submit results of the walks/runs during the period of 4 November to 31 December 2020. We are unable to accept early or late submissions.

What is the approved GPS-based app?

All GPS-based apps, running gadgets (e.g. Garmin watches) and indoor bikes are accepted.

Any running apps, running gadgets, smartwatches and indoor treadmills can be used if the screenshot of your result can capture the date/time, distance and timing of your activity.

Can I use treadmills or Indoor bikes?
Yes! Please submit a photo of your treadmill dashboard with the following information:

  • Distance (in KM)
  • Timing
  • Date

Can I walk or hike?

Yes, as long as you track your run, walk or hike with a GPS-based app.

Can I change my race category?

Yes, please email us at enquiry@runforhope.sg with your request.

Goodie Bags/Race Pack

When will the race pack be delivered?

The race pack will be mailed to your registered mailing address upon the submission of your run results, before 31st January 2021. 

How can I change my mailing address?

Please email us at enquiry@runforhope.sg

How will I receive my race pack?

The race packs will be couriered over to the address that participants provided when they signed up for Run for Hope 2020.

Other Queries

In the event that I cannot participate in the virtual run, can I get a refund?

For registered runners, no action is needed as your run slot will be automatically transferred to the virtual run. In accordance with our admission rules, registration fee refunds are not available.

Please contact enquiry@runforhope.sg if you need further clarification.

Can I transfer my race slot to another party?

Yes, please email us at enquiry@runforhope.sg with your request.

Terms of Use