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NCCS Doctors-Ambassadors’ Challenge

November Update: By the end of the two-weeks period (1st to 14th October), the group had enthusiastically completed a collective total of 850km! Through this effort, more awareness and about $15,000 was raised for Run For Hope 2013.

DMO challenge

October News:

A group of our colleagues from NCCS Division of Medical Oncology (DMO), including DMO doctors, research coordinators, lab technologist and executives, plus Dr Alexandre Chan from NCCS Oncology Pharmacy, and a doctor from National Heart Centre, have all become Ambassadors of (RFH) Run For Hope 2013!


This special effort initiated by DMO doctors involves burning calories, in the hope of getting your support – to run for hope on 17 November, or make a donation to research if running is just not your cup of tea.

Close to 30 staff, had pledged to run a total distance of over 550km (target grew from 250km just two weeks ago) cumulatively within a period of 14 days – 1st to 14th October.

These include Dr Farid, who is currently away on training in New York and is showing his support via this challenge. Dr William Tan, who’s currently in London, is also part of the group. Both of them have each pledged to complete 70km over the two weeks.

Part of the group:


Please help spread the word!

Progress of this challenge is being tracked and captured via screenshots of monitoring tools such as a running app in their phones. As of 11 Oct, the group has clocked in a total of almost 500km! Every km counts.

The group hopes to raise $100 for every 1km the team runs.

combined photo

Corporations and individuals are encouraged to pledge a donation to NCC Research Fund in support of this effort.

Friends, colleagues, supporters and members of public can donate in support of this effort via “RunForHope” section in donation portal.

Simply click on the donate button via www.runforhope.sg to access the donation portal.

We seek your support via a donation for the special Challenge and/or sign up as a group for Run For Hope.

Donate online

This is in fact the second Ambassadors’ Challenge!

The first was held in August. Three ambassadors, including two cancer survivors and a supporter, were challenged to reach out to the busy working professionals at Raffles Place. They were challenged to get 21 sign-ups (in conjunction with celebrating 21 years of running for cancer research) within 1 hour, with neither publicity support nor promotional booth on-site. Taking this with up with much enthusiasm, they got 39 sign-ups within the given time. A donor gave $20,000 to the charity as a reward for this effort.

Please feel free to check out our YouTube videos here: www.youtube.com/user/runforhopeSG


Getting Prepared for the Run!

Here are some tips to get you prepared:

  • Light stretching / warm-up is necessary before you start
  • Good running shoes that are bendable and absorb shock provide the best support
  • Synthetic socks to prevent blisters and absorb sweat
  • Run For Hope t-shirt that is dry-fit
  • Pen your personal “I run for….” message on your bib
  • Beginners should start slow and not over-exert yourself
  • Other essentials to consider: Cap, shades, poncho

Warm-up Exercise:
Participants are strongly encouraged to do warm-up exercises before the run and cool-down after the run to prevent muscle injury.

First Aid and Medical Posts:
A medical post will be located at the main event area.  First Aid posts will be stationed at various water points throughout the run route.  Ambulances are also parked at strategic locations along the run route.

Safety and Wellness:

  • Participants are responsible for their own safety during the event.  Keep valuables at home.
  • Do warm up before the run and avoid having a large breakfast before running.
  • Keep hydrated.  Water points are available throughout the running route.
  • Other essentials to consider: Cap, sunshades, sun screen, poncho
  • For safety reasons, pets, bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards, shoes with built-in or attached rollers are discouraged from the event.

Dress Code: Sporting Attire
Participants are encouraged to wear the Run For Hope event T-shirt and comfortable running shoes.

Etiquette & Courtesy:
As a courtesy to other runners, come early to avoid delay in flag-off.

Safe-keeping of Belongings:
Baggage tents are available on-site for light baggage only, as space is limited.  Refrain from bringing large bags due to space constraint and do keep valuables at home.  The Organsers will not be responsible for any loss or theft during the event.

Inclement Weather:
The Organisers reserve the right to delay the commencement or cancel the run as a result of bad weather. There will not be a refund of the registration fees.


Thanks for your support & see you soon!

How To Get There? >>>

Rules & Regulations >>>

Lean On You (The Race)

Join our local artists in sharing a song of comfort and encouragement to those affected by cancer. Can they Lean on You for support? Make your move and sign up for Run For Hope today!


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Spot yourself!

We thank our volunteer photographers, who did a great job in capturing running moments at Run For Hope 2012! The fabulous photos are available via hyperlinks below.
Our Official Volunteer Photographers
1. Janet Ng
2. Johnson Leo
3. Lawrence Loh (click here for photos)
4. Lim Wah Teck (click here for photos)
5. Luit Bhuyan (click here for photos)
6. Manuela Forster
7. Mark Camaclang (click here for photos)
8. Mervin Baliday
9. Muhammad Noor (click here for photos)
10. Myo Thiha Oo (click here for photos)
11. Natalie Cheah
12. Vincent Chiang
13. Vinchel Bhudiharjo (click here for photos)

For more photos, go to Run For Hope Facebook.

Other Sites

10,000 running for Hope!

We have 10,000 signed up to Run For Hope. Thank you!

Registration has closed.

Anyone who wishes to support the Run For Hope but missed the registration can help through an online donation via the website.

Support the cause close to home and your hearts

Each year, more than 10,000 people in Singapore are diagnosed with cancer. Show your support by registering for Run For Hope 2012, paving the way for a cancer-free future.

According to statistics on lifetime risk reported by many established research bodies of developed countries such as the US, UK and Canada, 1 in 3 people will likely be stricken by cancer. For many of us, cancer is likely to have affected at least a friend or a family member, if not more. At some point in time, we hope we could do more for the cancer sufferer. Some of us feel at loss of comforting words or action.

Supporting the Run For Hope, in aid of the NCC Research Fund, is one way of giving a helping hand and providing hope. In addition, members of the public can also seek cancer information from www.nccs.com.sg or NCCS Cancer Helpline Nurses via CancerHelpline@nccs.com.sg or call (65) 6225 5655.

Did you know?

This year marks Four Seasons Hotel Singapore and Regent Singapore’s 20 years of running for cancer research! To celebrate their two decades of dedication to the meaningful cause, be ready for a whole new Run For Hope experience this year with a City run.

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